Take the Red Pill

A new disc! Finally!

The ‘Red Pill’ disc is available now. Focusing on Mainstream Media Assassinations, the disc and label can be downloaded below. Enjoy, Slaves!

Download MP3s in a ZIP archiveRedPillLabel

Download WAVs in a ZIP archive

Download Label

If you are burning and distributing discs, please let us know!
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Download or link to individual segments below:

Mac and Cheese
Obama is Lazy
Mockingbird Media
Rodman Apprentice Promo
Royalty is Weird
Tuna a la King
JCD Prediction Scorecard
Sore Mouth
Violent Video Game Myth
Mac and Cheese Reprise
Surprising Gun Stats
Reiner is Confused
Obama Loves Subs
Wikimedia CEO on NPR
Value for Value

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